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Protect Yourself and Respect Others on Pokerspace

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Hello Pokerspace members,

We would like to ask you for a bit of your time to read the following carefully until the end. If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the staff via Personal Message or by email to .

Have you ever wondered or asked yourself, who is this person clicking on their keyboard pounding out a blog or posting to one, writing a story, or the like? What do I really know about this person? Is this person trustworthy? Dare I let down my guard to this person? Is my whole life including information on my family out there for anyone to see? Am I safe discussing family details with someone who is a "friend" of mine on Facebook, at my poker forum, someone I exchange emails with? These are just a few of the questions one must ask themselves when it comes to dealing with the ever evolving world wide web.

The answer to the questions above are, truthfully, you don't know this person from Adam (as the saying goes).Sure, many are trustworthy, some will give you the shirt off their back, others you shouldn't trust them giving you the time of day. But, how do you know who to and not to trust?

This same situation holds true here at Pokerspace. How well do you really know all of the members here? How about just the ones on your "buddy" list? How about your "close" friends that are fellow members? Sure we have some fantastic totally trustworthy members. Conversely, we probably have some that are just the opposite. There are certainly some members who provide to charities, unsolicited, unknown and totally incognito. Surely there are those with shady pasts and/or criminal records (guilty of crimes both petty and the most vial of them as well). So, how do you, as a member of Pokerspace protect yourself?


How many members have everything about them listed in their profile? We have seen some astoundingly secure information, copies of one's driver's license, home address and telephone numbers displayed right there on a member's profile page for all the world to see. Is this wise? Unfortunately, in this day and age it is becoming more and more evident it is not. Again, you have no idea who is on the other end of that computer that maybe perusing all of your personal information on your Pokerspace profile page. Besides that there are also spy programs and bots that accumulate such public accessible data and use it to their advantage for illegal advertising, also known as "spam".

Remember each and every member can set their own privacy settings for their profile page. One can set them up so that only those members on their buddy list, nobody or anybody can view their personal information. The choice is yours, the member, to set your privacy settings. We cannot set them for you, only provide you with the tools to "protect yourself". So, take this suggestion, review your profile page, check your privacy settings and set them so that you can protect yourself. Unfortunately, you just can't be too safe these days when it comes to the internet.

The privacy settings can accessed via "edit privacy" on your profile page:

Pokerspace Account Privacy Settings


Earlier, we discussed the fact that we may in fact have members that may be dishonest and/or have shady pasts and/or criminal records. Keep in mind that we are not the morality police. We have no obligation to and should not delve into the past of our members to "check them out" and then, if something is found, decide well this crime is ok, this one is not, etc.

Pokerspace is neither the judge nor the jury in any matter, rather, it interprets its rules and TOS while monitoring its members is so doing. What we should do and in fact do is to "police" (if you will) that all members abide by the rules as listed in the TOS. Remember, again, each of you agreed to abide by these rules when you became a member.


When each member joined Pokerspace, in so doing, he/she agreed to abide by its rules as set forth in the TOS. These can be found at the bottom of the page or when you click here:

Terms & Conditions

Most importantly you should keep in mind that we will not tolerate harassment, accusations (founded or unfounded) and the like of fellow members. The foregoing is a clear and blatant violation of the TOS and any member found doing this is subject to discipline including, but not limited to, suspension and/or revocation of your Pokerspace membership.

If there is any issue between members, please try to resolve them in private by using the Private Messaging function. There is no need to address it openly on the forums or on the blog section because the past has shown that these situations usually create a lot of drama.

If members are unable to resolve it in private, please contact support via email at . In that case Pokerspace will act as mediator to try and find the best possible solution for everyone involved.

In conclusion, may we recommend that every member treat your fellow members as you want to be treated by them? Also, please review your privacy settings and adjust them where necessary. If we all do the foregoing, we will all be a little safer and our experiences here at Pokerspace should be more enjoyable.

Thank you for your attention.

The Pokerspace Team.

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Posted: Wednesday, February 2, 2011 at 7:31 pm