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    • HappyGilmore (Kings full) wrote Sunday, December 21 at 7:20 pm:
      Hope all is well James. I managed to satty into the million at 10:30PM the night b4 it was held. I had finished 1 away from getting a seat 5 times prior to finally getting one. Im sure Uve heard what happened during the game. Close to 6 hours in and finally after the 5 hour late reg was over "April's Fool" we are cancelling the trny. At least did get the $540 buyin for my troubles. However I was sitting in great shape in 81st pace when it happened. Sux that the guy that went out inthe 1st 10 minutes earned as much as the person who was in the lead at that point. Had a friend sitting in 8th when it was called. Had 2 trnies canceled the other day simultaniously, a 41k and a $500 r/a. Ironically thee were 4 left in each and we were paid in accordance o our stack size. Was in 2nd in the 1K but just 67 chips behind 1st so we basically split 1st and was in 3rd in the other but the guy in 4th had less than 1000 chips with the average stack around 16K so managed to get a little more than dble what 3rd woulda paid normally.
      Id love it if U would touch base with me from time to time and let me know how ur live pursuits are going. Hit me up here or skype either one. happy.gilmore101
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    • HappyGilmore (Kings full) wrote Sunday, October 26 at 3:17 am:
      I managed to satty into the monthly $100k for free and finished 32nd. Managed to win a little $550. Not near what U won when U won it a few months ago. Are U planning on playing in the $1 million in December.
      U'd love this I was knocked out of $10k a cple nights ago with KK vs QQ. we both flopped our trips and what do U know a Q hit on the river to give him quads. I managed to finish 18th somehow. i lost with AA 3 times in the game and everytime was on river. Tonight in $4000 r/a I had AA and raised from 600 to 3600 due to the aggressive play on the table and the guy on the button called me with 23 suited (yes 23) and flopped a str8. He wasnt ss'd nor was he big stacked. After the hand he typed in "I love playing suited connectors"
      I guess Uve been hitting the live tables since i havent seen U online in awhile. Wherever your chips take you i wish U the best of luck..
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    • HappyGilmore (Kings full) wrote Saturday, September 20 at 8:49 pm:
      glad to see u back.......
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