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Online Poker Related Uses of an Apple iPhone

Thursday, October 21, 2010
By David Tubbs
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With so many online poker rooms developing their own mobile phone software so their players can play real money poker on their smartphones instead of just play money games like Zynga Poker, the Apple iPhone market is still on untapped rainbow of opportunity. The issue is that Apple is very strict about what type of apps, whether they be downloaded or flash, browser-based interfaces, or third-party created, are sold on their store. This, however, does not mean that the iPhone doesn't have uses for players of online poker.

Tethering an iPhone to a Laptop

What's the worst thing that can happen in the middle of a 5 hour marathon MTT? Well besides going bust with pocket Aces. That's right losing your Internet connection. While this could spell the end of your run at a final table it doesn't have to be like that, you could finish up the tournament a few minutes after your connection goes down. That is, as long as you have an iPhone.

If your home Internet connection is down you can tether your iPhone 3G or higher to your laptop or computer and restore your web connection to continue playing. The key to setting up this service is to ensure that your mobile carrier has your account set up for tethering. It doesn't take long to set up, maybe 10 minutes if the customer service department is reliable. Here are the 7 steps to setting up your iPhone tethering connection and keep playing online:

1.    Set up Internet tethering with you mobile carrier
2.    Turn on iPhone 3G/3GS. Turn on Computer.
3.    Plug iPhone 3G/3GS into Windows via the iPhone USB cable.
4.    On the iPhone 3G/3GS, go to 'Settings > General > Network > Internet Tethering' and switch it to 'On'. When prompted, choose the 'USB' option.
5.    Windows will recognize the USB connection and should start working immediately. If not, go to the 'Windows Control Panel' and open 'Network Connections'. The iPhone 3G/3GS device will be listed there.
6.    'Right click' on the new "Local Area Connection" listed and select "Enable".
7.    Go back to poker room and start playing again
If you have already set up your tethering connection with your carrier you will only need to follow steps 2-4. It's as easy as that to save a once desperate situation.

Poker Apps on the iPhone

Many online poker players live by their odds calculators as they play. Even more players are always searching for more playing tips to keep their poker how to knowledge as keen as possible, however, most never want to pay a single thing for these services. This is why Pokerspace's free poker school is so popular. Luckily the iPhone App Store is filled with either free or very low cost poker apps to keep players happy and informed. Here are just a few of the most popular.

1.    Annie Duke Poker Tutor

  • The annie Duke Poker Tutor is one of the most popular and comprehensive iPhone poker apps on the market and you can get most of the features (including access to exclusive freeroll tournaments) for free. You can pay just $1 for an expanded version of the odds calculator if you so choose. With a nice odds calculator, poker tip of the day, glossary of important poker terms, and the general rules of poker, the Annie Duke Poker Tutor app for the iPhone is an excellent addition to any poker player's phone.

2.    PotOdds

  • The PotOdds iPhone poker tool isn't free but at just $1 it is definitely a very powerful tool for any and all poker players. PotOdds has hundreds of different stats players can look up that can be used for any number of poker scenarios. It also has one of the easiest to use interfaces that breaks down everything a player could want in analyzing a bad beat or a questionable call. It might not be free but it's value far outweighs the cost of the PotOdds iPhone app.

So until Apple decides to allow real money poker on their iPhone the use of the world's most popular smartphone to a poker player is a little limited. These are some great and useful tools the iPhone has that a poker player can utilize so why not try them?

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