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Common Micro Stakes Leaks and How to Exploit Them

Friday, February 11, 2011
By Ridonkulou5
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Have had a bit of run-bad today, so before I head off to bed I figure I will write an article for some microstake players trying to improve.

Leak 1: Players CB (continuation bet) way too much

Notes: I see this happen sooooo much, people will CB way too much. So here are some ways to exploit this.

Ways to exploit: Most likely they aren't going to DB & never get out of line, so we can profitably float these players, like obviously not every time, but if you notice someone is CB'ing way too much, call with some type of equity (A-high, backdoors), don't just randomly spaz call.

There is another way as well, this is bluff-raising the flop. Let's say the board comes T26, there are not many draws to continue so he bets into you & you raise & he folds (as he will with a ton of his range).

Leak 2: Players fold to CB way too much

Notes: Yes this kind of is like a back and forth, but they aren't really looking at the players & going well I'm going to CB because he folds a lot, they are just CBing to be CBing & folding because they miss.

Ways to exploit: Pretty simple, CB boards that aren't coordinated & boards they will fold a ton as in the past example. This doesn't mean just CB them to be CBing, if they have high fold %, then CB on a resonable board, in retrospect, if they are folding to a lot of CBs, you may want to check back some made hands.

Leak 3: Folding to 3bets a ton

Notes: This one is probably the most detailed & contains more than just 3bet them.

Ways to exploit: If someone is folding to 3bets a ton, you don't want to 3bet your value hands, because they are just going to fold, now if there are people behind you who will call a ton if you flat, then raise for that fact, but not because of your opponent who folds to 3bets a ton. When you 3bet this player, you want to 3bet bluff them.

Example: You have A2o on the button, CO opens for 3x, you 3bet, he folds. Why is A2o a bluff? Because if called, your A is no good, like I'd prolly do this with a pretty wide range because your range doesn't really matter when they fold without like AQ+ or JJ+ so basically you can do it with bad aces, bad kings, bad queens sc's.

Leak 4: Limping

Notes: This leak is probably the one I exploit to the full every time, just because I've watched vids, read strategy & applied it all to my game & exploited this leak

Ways to exploit: Let's say that we have a guy who is a 50/15, which is quite awful stats to have (just a note. Also 50 = VPIP, 15 = PFR). He open limps UTG, we have let's say Q5s on the button & it folds to us. What is your play and why? If your saying fold (like I'm assuming), then this is wrong.

Why? How can Q5s be worth a raise here?! For a few reasons, because first and foremost, for VALUE. Q5s is going to be ahead of his range a good amount of the time & the likelihood that he's gonna play fit/fold post-flop is pretty high because that's the reason he limped, he wanted to see a flop. So we now have 2 advantages over our opponent, 1) position, 2) hand strength. Now does this mean try to stack off on a Q23 board? No, because he CAN have better, but it is likely that our hand is beating a lot of his range & if not, he's going to play fit/fold so really we don't want to stack off with this hand unless we hit a good flop, but we do pick up extra BB/100 & some extra chips which is key. I could write a book about how to exploit limpers, but if you would like to know more, let me know in PM or by commenting.

Thanks for reading,

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