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How to Maximize Your Free Poker Bankroll

Monday, March 22, 2010
By Dave Tubbs
PS Members

As many people have noticed, here at Pokerspace we offer free poker money to help our members get started on their way to build a great bankroll. To help maximize your chances of getting every dime out of your free bankroll deal whether it be with UltimateBet, Absolute Poker, or Titan Poker here are a few suggestions.

Playing Raked Hands

Let's say you take advantage of the Absolute Poker free money offer. While our offer is for $50 you are actually staked $25 to start and the rest comes as you play. With the other deals as well, the rest of the money is released as you play, specifically if you play raked hands in cash games.

At first it can be tempting to get in and play a moderately priced tourney and see how you do and then play some cash games in order to qualify to cash out your money, but instead of tourneys try your hand at some micro level raked hands at the start to build up your Point levels in order to gain the full bankroll.

Tourneys are great to play in but get you very little in the way of meeting your full $50. The key to getting the whole amount is to play raked hands. An hour or so a day for a couple weeks playing micro-stakes is a great way to achieve the raked hands needed to start releasing the rest of your free bankroll. If you play conservatively and play with $5 at a time you can reach the number of hands that you need to get the full bankroll.

Playing Micro Stakes to Build Bankroll

If you start to win at the micro level to a point where the stakes are no longer desirable you can up the ante to $0.10-$0.25 stakes and reach your goal of the full bankroll even faster. But make sure to keep a cool head when playing cash games as you can quickly become impatient and go all-in on a soft hand and quickly find yourself in a bad situation. Playing raked hands is also great training grounds for playing in those great tournaments everyone wants to compete in. Two hours on a cash table, even if the stakes are on the lower end is great psychological training for those marathon tournaments with thousands of players.

The great thing about playing these small stakes is that even if you break even with your initial $25 you will be banking the added money as the time passes. If you want to play a small tourney to keep things interesting go ahead, but when you have a real chance at getting another $25 play some raked hands and see how it feels. It's a great way to earn a lot of future bonuses.

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