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UltimateBet Makes a Major Security Change Concerning Data Mining

Friday, July 16, 2010
By David Tubbs

It was released on July 14, 2010 by UltimateBet Security that a major change that restricts users from viewing other tables they are not logged into. In the past there was no restriction for people viewing tables when they're not logged in, but now UB Security—along with the new software update—brings the limit to one table. The argument given for the change was to limit the possibility and problem of data mining.

UB Fighting to Make Online Poker as Equal as Possible

Railing another player as they run deep in a tournament is of course fun, many Pokerspace members cheer on their fellow members as they make deep runs in tournaments. However, the same way a friend will watch another friend play is the same way a person will data mine a players habits and use them against others in the future.

Software like Poker Tracker helps players track their stats and habits, and those of other players, but what happens if a third party follows certain players when they're not even playing and collecting data through hand histories and expected tendencies, this is an unfair advantage. Selling hand histories is even mentioned in the UB Security press release.

UB security even goes as far as saying, "We belive that data mining is one of online poker's biggest downfalls." This kind of focus on creating a fair playing environment is rather impressive for UB which has been racked with security and software holes in the past. This kind of heads up action by UB may be one of the reasons it has seen impressive player traffic levels over the past several weeks.

It seems the UB is not stopping with the table viewing limit as the security team says this is one "the first step of several that we plan to take in an effort to make data mining more difficult." It will be interesting to see what else UB has in store to ensure that the playing field is effectively level between players and data mining is put down.

Are UB's Actions Going to be Duplicated by Other Online Poker Rooms?

The real question is whether UB is going to be the only poker room to institute these new security changes? This issue is a big one and with the top sites like PokerStars and Full Tilt housing hundreds of thousands of poker players, the possibility of data mining is immense. As a player it's easy to see how data mining is an unfair advantage and the higher stake players are even more exposed to the problem and have the most to lose. Time will tell if these rules are adopted, but it certainly seems to be something that should become universal for online poker.

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